Original Hickup Collection





The Public Zoo is an American lifestyle character brand that revolves around Hickup the panda and his whimsical friends. Hickup’s friends are made up of Mr. Eeh the hardboiled egg, Miso the hamster in a cup, Noodles the zoo girl, and Sniffles the girly panda.  The Public Zoo artwork is nothing short of fun adventure, silly mischief, and colorful humor. TPZ can be found on an extensive list of products such as bedding, bath, electronics, apparel, school supplies, and fashion accessories. 


The figment of one’s imagination can be outrageous, especially when it’s one of Hickup’s! Mr. Eeh is Hickup’s imaginary friend who was made up from one of the eggs that Hickup was fed. Unlike Hickup’s usual weird antics, Mr. Eeh is always in a happy mood with a shell-to-shell smile! He is the only friend out of the group who always carries a contagious joy that is able to cheer up the saddest of friends! He also has lots of little egg buddies called Eggies that follow him around.


Hickupanda (nick name Hickup) is the face of The Public Zoo! Hickup was first discovered in the deep mountainous range of China as a cub, where he was playing with bamboo trees like drumsticks! His family origin is unknown as Hickup was found alone when he was discovered. The Colorbox Zoo eventually became Hickup’s official home, where he and his new friends would encounter non-stop adventures! Hickup has witty personality, he loves to make fun comments and tell tall tales.


Noodles is the head zookeeper’s daughter who is absolutely obsessed with Pandas, more specifically Hickup! Ever since Hickup became part of the Colorbox Zoo family, Noodles has been visiting Hickup’s cage every single day just to watch him play. She would even try dressing and acting like Hickup in front of the mirror when she’s home! Noodles became the one and only human member of Hickup’s crew, but she was greatly appreciated by the rest of the group because she would always sneak in yummy snacks to the cage from her house!

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